Wave Study, Granville Harbor
Mystery Bay, NSW
Where Ocean Meets Rock, Bay of Fires
Autumn Colors, St David's Park
Arthur River Tannins
Within Reach, Fortescue Bay
Bicheno Sunset
Spring Green
Sunset Over the River Derwent
Old Growth, takayna
We All Fall Down
Victory at Sea, Trial Harbor
Floating Land, Betsey Island
The Garden (Bay of Fires)
Wild Flowers Up Kellevrie Rd.
Head in the Clouds (Mt. Wellington)
Betsey Island
Diamonds in the Rough (Mays Point)
Cloud Shadows Over Kunanyi
Pastural Greens
Sea Rhythm (Marrawah)
Eaglehawk Neck Bay
Lichen Intertidal
Tug-boats and Cruise
Awaiting Wind (Pipe Clay Lagoon)
Fishing Boat Study