Visions of the Tarkine (takanya)

6/9/2018 Tarkine (tarkanya) trip 1 Dismal Swamp, Marrowah, Julius River Through showers of unexpected rain I headed north. My car loaded with an easel and paints, a sketchbook, surfboard, binoculars, water, an uncertain idea of exactly where I was headed, and a great sense of liberation. My target location the north western Tarkine. After a quick stop in Launceston for some canvas and last pick groceries I pointed my car in the direction of the 1 that will merge into the A2 and bring me west and into the Tarkine. The rain seemed relentless that afternoon, falling from the sky in stratified sheets in a rhythmic cacophony. Hell, no one said time travel was easy…I’m blasting back to the past,

Semester 1 Studio Visit

Here is a quick snap of my studio just before the semester 1 assessment. After learning about various threats currently being imposed upon Tasmania's fragile environments I tailored a proposal that strives to bring awareness to these issues. From a young age my art has had a reoccurring theme of environmental preservation. I strongly believe that art can be used as a powerful tool, each unique to the artist that welds it. As a life long surfer and lover of nature, an insistent urge to use my art as a tool to raise awareness to our detrimental impact on Earth's natural environments. I believe it stems from convenience, and that this convenience soon leads to an addiction, an addiction that is

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