International Orchid Show 2018

This is the second time I participated in Santa Barbara's International Orchid Show. For this year's show I decided to run with a similar theme to last (unfortunately I was unable to snap photos of the 2017 paintings) and made these three Anthroporchids. I have lot of fun planting various orchid heads amongst human bodies in these semi-art noir, blues club, dive bar scenarios. They are confident and dressed elegantly, but exude a slight hint of melancholy. Sometimes adhering to certain guidelines such as an "orchid theme" can help me break out of my comfort zone and spark some new ideas or compositions that I wouldn't normally explore. These paintings have also been a great way to study the

"California and Beyond" A Gallery 113 Exhibition Mar 1- Mar 31

This collection of paintings reflects a two week road trip I took during the spring of 2017. I embarked from the chelidonian swept Gaviota coastline and headed east, through the wildflower clad desert to Nevada, Utah, and Colorado circling down through New Mexico and Arizona on my way home. I was astounded by the ever changing landscapes, each filled with unique rock formations, wildlife, and flora. I hope these paintings convey some of the awesomeness I experienced while creating them.

Solo Show at Salon Patine February 17- March 25, 2018

Salon Patine is Santa Barbara's premier hair color salon. "Our Style in coloring and cutting reinforces an understated and simple elegant approach to beauty." -Salon Patine You can learn more about Salon Patine at their website Stop on by and get your groove on with a new hairstyle while enjoying a collection of 17 local plein air paintings by yours truly.

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