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About Colin Schildhauer



A California native floating amidst the roaring 40s in Hobart Tasmania where I live, study, and paint, acquiring a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tasmania.


In pursuit of a deeper understanding of my practice I ventured outward from my Californian roots in search for new approaches to perception. My aim: to let the expansion of horizons be the infrastructure to my understanding the interconnectedness of all that is, and conveying this through my painting. Half way around the world, Tasmania's rugged coastlines, gondwanic temporal rainforests, and unique wildlife enticed my expedition. With paints, brushes, and surfboard in tow a one way ticket was booked to the land of marsupials, pies, and frigid slabs. Upon arrival I became spellbound by the unfamiliar textures, colors, and patterns of the Tassie bush. While navigating desolate country roads, stopping to paint between bush-walks and erratic weather Tasmania continuously leaves me challenged and in awe. Little did I know that the same environments that radiated such tranquility were also becoming increasingly endangered... 

My Master's project is based around the documentation of current clear-felling impositions threatening the ancient gondwanic temporal rainforest in the north-west known as the Tarkine (takanya). Over the past year I've been camping and bush-walking throughout the Tarkine documenting with my paints the contrast between recently clear-felled coupes and unspoiled environment in hopes to raise awareness to the catastrophes of deforestation. My final exhibition will be a conglomeration of interconnected panels depicting the research I've inducted throughout the visits I've made to this truly unique and essential ecosystem.

My love for plein air painting began as a hobby but has become a passion. There is no feeling like spending a late afternoon capturing light through crashing waves or meditating on the gnarled branches of an Oak tree. When painting on location I feel my senses elevate and experience a natural high. I strive to express these experiences in my paintings while also preserving images of our beautiful yet slowly vanishing natural landscapes.

When I’m creating artwork I become entranced producing a certain idea through a series of brushstrokes and lines, much like surfing a wave. Every wave ridden or canvas painted involves creating new lines that define the experience.


My admiration for the ocean knows no bounds. Not only is it home to innumerable species of incredible sea life, but also provides a majority of the world with food and aesthetic enjoyment. As a long-time surfer I feel it is my responsibility to do my part to help preserve our ocean. Accordingly, I am committed to donating 10% of the earnings from my art to ocean conservation groups as part of the "Cosmic Flock".

In 2016 I became a member of S.C.A.P.E (Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment) and had the wonderful opportunity to exhibit some local plein air pieces. S.C.A.P.E is an awesome organization that exhibits art to help raise money to preserve open land while also raising awareness of environmental conservation. You can check out the S.C.A.P.E web site here ​

In 2016 I also became a member of the Goleta Valley Art Association. I was born and raised in the city of Goleta, and still live and paint in this area. I am excited to capture our beautiful landscapes working alongside like-minded local artists. You can view the Goleta Valley Art Association's website here

In 2017 I was juried into the Santa Barbara Art Association. The SBAA has provided me with the opportunity to meet and exhibit work alongside an array local artists working in various styles and mediums. It has been truly inspiring learning the ropes form the SBAA cohort and applying these skills in my future art endeavors. You can view the SBAA website here

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